Graham Salter


How to Make a


in 5 Minutes


Offering my full respect to those who have now created

the superbly simple and cleanly 3–D printed

transparent Face Shields fully illustrated here,

I wondered whether it would not be simple to create an imitation oneself

in minutes, using materials easily sourced around every home.

These could also be turned out instantly in thousands

by any printing or stationery firm.

All that is required are the following:

a single A4 Plastic Sheet, as sold in every stationery store

as a cover for bound documents or sheet music;

optionally, a Ring Binder Comb or other supportive ribbon;

a Domestic Stapler, or alternatively

Modelling Glue, such as UHU;

A second long Strip of Ribbon, maybe even from a chocolate box,

or other Thick Thread.

Optionally, 2 strips of Velcro Fastener,

or a Button through a Loop



Either glue a band of Ribbon along the long side of an A4 Sheet of Plastic

or better, punch the edge through with a Ring Binder Comb (as illustrated).

Staple (or glue) the Outer Ribbon to the Inner (that will be tied around the head),

bending the Outer around, so that the ribbon span of the Inner is shorter than the Outer.

(Turn the points of the staple to face outwards, of course.)

This will curve the Outer around the face, while the Inner touches the forehead,

to allow one to wear a (multiple) mask underneath

and breathe without the device steaming up.

Glue or staple Velcro Fastener to the tails of the ribbon to secure it around the head,

or tie a Knot at the back, or ask a partner / spouse to do it for you,

or sew on some Button or Stud attachment.


Wash your hands after removal, along with your new device!

Wishing ongoing good health to you all, and especially to all our brave Health Workers.