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(e.g. #6 = #7 = #17; #09 = #28), except for the design of the Shank

to fit your particular Shaper Handle.)



1) TWH #–2 Original from c.1980. 7.29 mm. HOWARTH. A British standard, no longer in production. As New. Shank: circular 3.0 mm. £62.50

2) TWH #2 Original from c.1980. 7.32 mm. HOWARTH. A British standard, no longer in production. Shank: circular 3.0 mm. £59.00

3) Copy of Janet CRAXTON shape, following her death, by Maurice Wignall. VERY RARE and sought after. Janet's original was somewhat worn at the top, to produce a very straight-tipped but wide-bellied reed that was ideally matched by her long 'W'-scrapes. This version "JCN" is a close imitation, at 7.20 mm. Shank: circular 3.0 mm. (Tie at 28+ mm of cane.) £75.00

4) In copying the original, [3] above was widened at the tip to allow the reed to close more readily. "JCW" measures just 7.36 mm across, but again enjoys a sonorous, wide and supportive belly. It is best suited by a short staple. (Tie at around 28.3 mm.) Shank: circular 3.0 mm. VERY RARE and sought after. £75.00

5) Michael WINFIELD original, VERY RARE, now of Collector Value, c.1968, made by his father, Levy Winfield. Traditional British flat shank, 4.72 * 2.4 mm as pictured. 7.44 mm wide ('N'). Tie so as to “leave 1 inch of vibrating cane, 25.4mm”. £75.00

6) WINFIELD Minus: 2 Copies of [5] above but narrowed on GS commission by 0.1 mm overall, by MW's cousin, Maurice Wignall. "MW A1". The original being a very broad shape (7.4+ mm) yet without a prominent Belly, these even reductions at 7.30 mm emerge full-toned without enforcing an excessive reed aperture. Wide supportive metal edges. British flat shank, 4.94 * 2.46 mm, indented. As New. £55.00 each.

7) WINFIELD 'Medium', 1992, by M. Wignall. With Ears. A very broad facet for a secure cut, the width reduced to 7.30 mm, full below but without excessive belly. Special commission. As New. Slotted shank 4.9 * 2.5 mm. A very rewarding shape. £59.50

8) WINFIELD Minus, by Tony Allcock. A reduction of [5], on GS commission, by some 0.2 mm, so 7.25 mm wide at the tip. Therefore a standard British width, without excessive belly or towards the thread. A special order. No Ears. Shank: circular 3.0 mm. £49.00

9) #1 by RDG or HOWARTH / TWH, 7.0 mm As New. Shank: circular 3.0 mm. £60.00 or US$ 75.00 (Dollar account available.) SOLD

10) Tony ALLCOCK STANDARD. 7.30 mm. "GS 1B". No Ears. Slotted shank 4.35 * 2.1 mm. Medium towards wrap. £48.00

11) Tony ALLCOCK. 7.25 mm. "GS 1X". No Ears. Slotted shank 4.9 * 2.3 mm. Modest towards wrap. £48.00

12) Tony ALLCOCK. 7.20 mm. Moderately narrow Shaper for German-style scrapes. Special commission. "M2". No Ears. Slotted shank 4.65 * 2.3 mm. Medium towards wrap. £48.00

13) Michael WINFIELD derivative, c.1968, made by his father, Levy Winfield. 'X'. Traditional British flat shank, 4.4 * 2.6 mm. A full but narrower shape, 7.20 mm wide. Ears removed, a bit scruffy but fully functional. £40.50

14) Shaper for Oboe-MUSETTE, GS design and commission, by M. Wignall, As New, 6.50 mm wide. Shank: circular 3.0 mm. Further details on request. £59.00

15) Narrow Shaper with full belly and wrap, 6.8 mm wide only, GS unique design and commission, by M. Wignall, for American-style players who may not wish to 'offset' their blades. "6.8A". Shank: circular 3.0 mm. Further details on request. £63.00 or US$ 89.50 including postage. (USD account available).

16) As above, but somewhat narrower above the Wrap. 6.8 mm wide only, GS unique design and commission, by M. Wignall, for those who may not wish to 'offset' their blades. "6.8B". Shank: circular 3.0 mm. Further details on request. £63.00 or US$ 89.50 including postage. (USD account available).

17) F. SASSENBERG Berlin c.1966. Integral with long handle (square brass collar slides forwards). COLLECTOR'S PIECE, still much in demand by those seeking to revive or preserve the Berlin heritage (Lothar Koch, Karl Steins etc.) of the 1960s. 7.30 mm across the tip, narrowing to show little belly, an ideal match for cane of a small diameter. £110.00 or €150.00 to include Free Postage. (Euro account available).


18) Levy (Michael) Winfield Medium. 'A', c.1968. 7.62 mm wide at tip, generous tone but not fat in belly. British Shank 4.9 * 2.5 mm, indented. £59.50

19) Levy (Michael) Winfield Wide. 'X', c.1968. 7.80 mm wide at tip, decidedly wide towards base. Suits oboists who wish to preserve traditional dimensions. British Shank 4.95 * 2.5 mm, indented. Would also make an excellnet NARROW COR ANGLAIS Shaper. £59.50

20) Tony ALLCOCK 7.54 mm. Narrow: (the oboe equivalent would be 7.1 mm). For those who like small cane. No Ears. Shank: circular 3.0 mm. £45.00


34) TWH #2 Howarth Original, little used. No longer in production. A British standard, to produce very reliable warm-toned reeds with sufficient body without being fat. 8.24 mm wide below the tip. Shank: circular 3.0 mm. £59.50


From the Hörtnagl catalogue, by Reeds 'n Stuff

H 87. As New. A medium and warm-toned shaper, just a little fuller than the result from an RDG –2 or TWH –2 shaper-tip, slightly fuller between the belly and the tie-on point, to guarantee a rich and embracing tone. Tie a little on the long side. This central width, without an excessive or prominent Belly, secures excellent tuning across the entire Middle Octave. The metal measures 7.0 mm across, to give a reed width of 7.245 mm with fully soaked cane, or wider with cane soaked for less time. £85.00



Reeds 'n Stuff Profiler Template #17. Offered complete with 'U'–curve 'Scrape Length Limiter'. As New. (New prices: £229.50, + Limiter = €320.50 + €48.69).

#17 shows a gently centred 'V'-Tip that is usefully kept short. It naturally produces a warm, resonant and full tone, but is still responsive to blow. In no way lacking character or professional range, #17 can also offer an obliging choice for teachers who make reeds for young players, or for amateur oboists. Together, £ 180.00 or €250.00 please (Euro account available). The Reeds 'n Stuff website helpfully offers a picture of one particular scrape that may emerge, within their innovative Comparison Engine that links a photo behind each shaper diagram.